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Property Value
dct:title "Monster"@en^^rdf:langString
dct:title "Monsters"@en^^rdf:langString
schema:alternateName "Monsters"@en^^rdf:langString
schema:description "A monster is any creature, usually found in legends or horror fiction, that is often hideous and may produce fear or physical harm by its appearance and/or its actions. The word "monster" derives from Latin monstrum, an aberrant occurrence, usually biological, that was taken as a sign that something was wrong within the natural order. The word usually connotes something wrong or evil; a monster is generally morally objectionable, physically or psychologically hideous, and/or a freak of nature."@en^^rdf:langString
schema:name "Monster"@en^^rdf:langString
rdf:type schema:Thing
rdfs:label "Monster"@en^^rdf:langString
rdfs:label "Monsters"@en^^rdf:langString
owl:sameAs freebase:m.0h9qh
owl:sameAs dbr:Monster